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KPO/BPO Services

Data Entry
Terrasys offers a broad range of data-entry related solutions. We can help you in saving your time and money when you outsource your Data Entry needs to us. Terrasys concentrate on Accuracy, Quality, and Economy & Timely Delivery.

We Offering the following Data entry services:-

  • ♦ Data Capturing
  • ♦ Data Summarization
  • ♦ Data validation
  • ♦ Word processing
  • ♦ Data entry based on image files
  • ♦ Data Tabulation
  • ♦ Mailing lists data entry
  • ♦ Statistical analysis
  • ♦ Book data entry
  • ♦ Legal Documents
  • ♦ Mailing lists
XML & Conversion
Terrasys have the full suite of pre-press services that enable you to go from ideas to print in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost from Book Block Designing, e-Book Conversion, TeX/LaTeX Typesetting, XML / SGML / HTML mark-ups.

  • ♦ Migration of content from any input format to digital format
  • ♦ Ability to deliver all types of services and solutions for the print, online and media domains with its two major wings- pre-press and e-publishing.
  • ♦ Leveraging the latest technology coupled with seasoned professionals and trained staff, geared up to meet your expectations in terms of quality, turnaround time, pricing and support.
  • ♦ Proven systems, processes and project management skills that are effective and flexible.
  • ♦ Delivery of quality output with strict adherence to time schedules
  • ♦ Capability to typeset any complexity of math or chemistry, or any page design